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COS-Intensive: Introduction to Treatment

A Self-Guided Online Course for Graduates of the COS-Intensive Case Review Course


his self-guided course is designed for graduates of the COS-Intensive Case Review course and is the last required course before a prospective COS-Intensive Provider starts case-based consultation. Like all of the COS-Intensive courses, this course leans heavily on case-based learning.

  • The first module provides an overview of the treatment protocol, reviewing how COS-Intensive can be used in a group format or with individuals or couples.
  • The second course module digs into how Being With underlies the therapeutic alliance, allowing for deeper reflection on how Being With as applied to the therapist-client relationship is both similar to and different from Being With as applied to the parent-child relationship.
  • The third course module re-introduces a case the learner will have already encountered in this Intensive course series, this time using video from the actual intervention to walk the learner through the phases of treatment in the COS-Intensive protocol.
  • In module four, participants build their skills in clip selection—a key skill set for the Tape Reviews that form the core of each phase of the COS-Intensive Treatment protocol. Once again, a case that participants will already be familiar will afford the learner the chance to select their own clips, compare their selections with other clip options and then select the most appropriate clip using feedback from a COS-Intensive trainer to hone their understanding of how treatment plans are translated into Tape Review content.
  • The final module is an Introduction to Supervision, the final step in our COS-Intensive learning pathway.

For questions about this course, please reach out to neil [at] circleofsecurityinternational [dot] com.

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Dates:Start: Any time
End:  150 days after start date


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