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COSC Coach Training (Tier 2)

Tier 2 of the COS Classroom Approach Model


fter completion of Tier 1, COSP Classroom Professional Learning Series, teachers are ready to participate in Tier 2, COSC Coaching for guided implementation of COS concepts in the classroom. COSP Classroom Facilitators who complete the COSP Classroom Facilitator Course and are interested in providing coaching with early care professionals in the preschool setting require further training and endorsement as a COSC Coach. Endorsement comes after participation in the COS Classroom Coach Training where Coaches-in-Training learn to use COSC Classroom coaching tools and protocols to reflect and explore with early care professionals. The COS Classroom Coach Training combines a blended learning experience that includes both synchronous and asynchronous training for coaches-in-training over the course of 12 weeks.

The big picture of Tier 2 with teachers is to look at:

  1. How to create relationship friendly classroom structures/protocols.
  2. How to address unmet needs of specific children.

We use specific approaches such as Primary Groups, Sanctuary Time, and the Coming and Going in Childcare to help establish this structure. Tier 2 helps teachers shift from understanding children’s relationship needs in theory to how a specific child’s relationship needs are not being met. We talk about COS as a behavior translation approach where we translate what seems to be dysfunctional or problematic behavior into communication about unmet needs. In theory this all makes sense, but practically, when a child is pouring the pitcher of milk over another child’s head, it is difficult to sort out the underlying need.

In this video, participants share their experience with the COS Classroom Coach training. These coaches highlight several benefits of the training, including:

  • Deep Coaching: Receive expert coaching and insightful feedback through video review.
  • Supportive Community: Learn alongside other coaches in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • Improved Teaching Skills: Gain new resources and strategies to become a more effective coach.
  • Reflection and Growth: Develop your coaching skills through video reflection and practical application.

In the COS Classroom Coach Training, you will receive instruction and guidance on:

  • How to engage and include administrators in COSC implementation,
  • How to hold a relationship lens during classroom observations and coaching sessions,
  • How to apply COS principles in the classroom with both individual children and within classroom environments, and
  • Ways to support the relationship between parent, educator, and child using COS Coaching Competencies

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Trainer:Trasie Topple

Dates:Start: August 21, 2024
End: November 06, 2024




Trainer:Deidre Quinlan

Dates:Start: January 28, 2025
End: April 15, 2025