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Intensive Case Review

A Self-Guided Online Course for Graduates of the COS-Intensive Assessment Training

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his self-guided online course is designed for graduates of the COS-Intensive Assessment Training and gives participants a chance to review Strange Situation Procedures (SSP) and Circle of Security Interviews (COSI) from four carefully selected cases. The participant will have the chance to review the complete SSP and COSI videos from each case and then fill out a Linchpin Worksheet for each case. The Linchpin Worksheet is designed to provide a structured way to analyze the key struggle that each dyad presents. The course includes other downloadable resources alongside the Linchpin Worksheet to help each participant with case analysis.

After each participant has reviewed the case material, they'll then have the chance to re-watch the Strange Situation Procedure and Circle of Security Interviews, this time with narration by a COS-Intensive expert (Bert Powell or Joe Coyne). This will give each participant the opportunity to "see the case through the eyes of an expert" and to compare the participant's analysis of the linchpin to that of a clinical expert.

In the last section of the course, we've included brief narrated overviews of the treatment of two of the cases along with a pair of readings on assessment and treatment using the COS-Intensive protocol.

For questions about this course, please reach out to neil[at]circleofsecurityinternational[dot]com.







Dates:Start: Any time
End: 120 days after start date


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