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Current Leadership

Integrity and Fidelity to the Circle of Security


ow that our company is almost 20 years old, we have entered our second generation of leadership. In Spring of 2021, the founders retired, and Neil Boris, Gretchen Cook, and Deidre Quinlan took over as owners of the company. The three make up the Leadership Team and have directed the operations of the company since 2018. This second generation partnership continues the vision of the founders with a focus on maintaining the integrity and fidelity of the Circle of Security; ensuring that the Circle of Security remains relevant in the changing times and as needs change; building relationship capacities most necessary for our future, and supporting the accessibility of the Circle of Security around the world to both parents and professionals.

Gretchen Cook, Neil Boris, and Deidre Quinlan sitting together and conversing

Gretchen Cook, Neil Boris, and Deidre Quinlan

We are also seeing individuals who have participated in Circle of Security parenting groups over the years, now pursuing training to be a COSP Facilitator so they can share the Circle with other caregivers. In the following video, Kari Garza, who is one of the mothers who appeared in our original COSP video series, talks about her 15-year journey from parent to facilitator and what learning about the Circle has meant to her.

Kari discusses her 15-year journey from parent to facilitator.