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Circle of Security Project Consultants

Lynn Henderson
Project Consultant, COS-Classroom
Minnesota, USA

Lynn Henderson is an Early Childhood Teacher and Parent Educator with the Duluth Public Schools, a registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, and a COS-Classroom Coach. She has been working in early care and education for 30 years. In her career, Lynn has held a variety of roles — teacher, center director, trainer, and Anti-Bias curriculum development. She has been a trainer to staff, leadership and management personnel.

Lynn was immediately attracted to the Circle of Security because of its focus on strengthening parent and caregiver child relationships. She believes that the Circle gives caregivers confidence and makes it simpler for them to understand their child’s needs. This work has affected her personal relationships and as a mother she believes that that Circle of Security has been a game changer in the raising of her 4 children! Lynn is passionate about helping parents as well as caregivers in the classroom start to see what is hidden in plain sight in their relationships with children.

Lynn lives with her husband, 4 children and 2 Westies. She enjoys gardening, taking lake walks by Lake Superior, and spending time with family and friends. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Family Science from Concordia-St Paul.

Brooke Poulsen
Project Consultant – Program Development
Brisbane, Australia

Brooke has been inspired by Circle of Security from her first introduction to the model during her graduate research degree. Brooke chose to focus on attachment theory, relational models of therapy and particularly, Circle of Security, in her postgraduate training as a Clinical Psychologist. Her doctoral thesis focused on Core Sensitivities, an immensely rich and a powerful source of learning both personally and professionally and one that brought coherence to relationship experiences. As a clinician, she joined the Health Department in Queensland, working with parents and families in early intervention services. Brooke offered clinical parenting and mental health intervention while also providing training to other clinicians in relational frameworks. More recently, Brooke has been a lecturer and supervisor at the Queensland University of Technology though she continues to work with parents and families using both the Circle of Security-Intensive model and Circle of Security Parenting program. She is continually humbled by the willingness of caregivers to face pain and struggle to offer security to their children.

Brooke lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband Jason, their daughter Olivia and their cat, Archie. Outside of work, you’ll find her playing netball, engaged in various creative pursuits and drinking coffee with friends.

Charlie Slaughter
Project Consultant, COSP in the Community
Connecticut, USA

Charlie has been instrumental in helping to spread Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) to communities and community organizations in the state of Connecticut, USA where over 2,500 people have been trained since 2010. Charlie was drawn into focusing on the quality of the parent-child relationship while working as public health nutritionist; in the late 1990's a colleague encouraged Charlie to read Robert Karen's book, Becoming Attached, leading Charlie on a journey that has focused on bringing the insights from research on attachment to bear in communities. He believes that COSP is a tool that strengthens relationships and in doing so equips infants, kids, students, adolescents, and even adults with various capacities (educational, relational, self-care, etc.) needed to thrive in life.

Charlie lives with his wife, Betsy. He is an avid gardener and home repair guy. Charlie is also very devoted to his spiritual growth. He has found the concepts of attachment theory and implicit memories to play powerful and essential roles in gaining coherence about himself and other people and to regaining a greater sense of joy in life.