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Circle of Security-Intensive Community of Practice


ur team at Circle of Security International is aware that sociologists have been writing about the challenges of social isolation in the modern age for many years now. Paradoxically, there is data that the very electronic tools that allow us to engage with others online also seem to only increase social isolation. As a company whose Mission includes our interest in “equipping individuals to leverage the capacity for human connection,” we’re taking steps to create a community of practice for COS-Intensive providers worldwide.

We already recommend COS-Intensive providers learn and work together in small groups. In part, this is because we know it helps to have one or more learning partners who can also co-facilitate the COS-Intensive model, particularly when you conduct groups. In many ways, working together in small groups and then connecting out into a much larger world of professionals mirrors the story of the founders of Circle of Security-International.

Glen, Kent and Bert talk about how they came together as friends and learning partners and discuss how their shared curiosity–and a focus on learning to be better therapists by using video review– helped them find joy and survive the intensity of long term clinical work.

For more on how they leveraged other professionals click here.

Beyond local partners, however, are international connections that we’ve found incredibly enriching. We have Coaches, Trainers or Supervisors on 4 continents and our goal is to support the exchange of best practices using our online learning system.