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COS-Intensive Assessment Training

Our team has revised the COS-Intensive training pathway for English-speaking providers, making training in the COS-Intensive protocol more accessible than it has ever been*. You can review the full training pathway here. Learning COS-Intensive begins with the COSP Facilitator Training, which introduces the learner to the COSP program and reviews how that program arose from attachment theory and research.

The second step on the Training Pathway is the COS-Intensive Assessment Training. The COS-Intensive Assessment training is a case-based training that covers the backbone of the COS-Intensive protocol: how to identify a dyad’s key struggle (what we call the “Linchpin Issue”) from structured, comprehensive attachment assessment. Learners are introduced to our Assessment manual, which reviews how to conduct the Strange Situation Procedure (SSP) and Circle of Security Interview (COSI). The SSP is a structured videotaped interactive procedure that focuses on caregiver-child interaction. The COS-Interview is paired with the SSP and asks the caregiver to describe their experience of being a part of the SSP filming while also delving into their broader experience of raising their child. Learners watch and analyze a series of SSP’s and COSI’s featuring parent-child dyads that were treated using the COS-Intensive protocol. A portion of the training also focuses on introducing how providers discern a caregiver’s core sensitivity during assessment. You can read more about core sensitivities here. Learners who complete the COS-Intensive Assessment Course move on to Step 3 on the training pathway and take an online course that allows them to analyze four more cases and compare their analysis to COS-Intensive experts.

This ~2-minute video is an overview of the COS-Intensive Assessment Course.

An overview of COS Intensive Assessment.

We have created online courses for all steps of the COS-Intensive Training Pathway except the COS-Intensive Assessment course. To date, this course has only been available as an in person offering. However, we’re now working on an online version of the COS-Intensive Assessment course. Our goal is to have this course available by the end of 2024.

*COS-Intensive training in Norwegian is still available as a 9-day advanced training done in person or via live streaming. Other than in Scandinavia, COS-Intensive Training is only available in English at this time. You can find out more about training in Norwegian here.

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