Video Overview of COSP – Circle of Security International

Video Overview of COSP

Why COSP™: The Path to Good Enough


e’re often asked to describe the Circle of Security Parenting program. What follows is a video that is just over 9 minutes in length. Watch as Deidre Quinlan, COS-International’s Project and Professional Development Director, reviews how knowing more about the Circle can help parents and caregivers promote security with the children in their lives.

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A Facilitator's Guide to Using the Video,
"Why COSP: A Path to Good Enough"

The above video was created with facilitators in mind to provide an introduction to Circle of Security Parenting and as a tool to help generate interest in the COSP™ Program and recruit participants. The hope after watching is to leave caregivers feeling intrigued by the material and wanting more information, and to stimulate thinking about the central presence of relationship in their lives and, particularly, the lives of their children.

As a Registered COSP™ facilitator, you might also like to use the short video to offer a brief overview of the model to professionals who may want to learn more from you about COSP™.