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Parenting in Action

A real look at strength and struggles.

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any newly licensed COSP Facilitators ask for examples of how this work is done. After receiving so much information and reflecting on their own experience in the Facilitator training, the prospect of running their first 8 week parenting group can feel overwhelming. We often receive requests for more on the “how to’s” and “What does this really look like?” In response, we worked with two COSP Facilitators based in Spokane, WA to film their group from start to finish.

This course follows chapter by chapter as a group of 5 mothers go through each week of the parenting group with the two Co-Facilitators. The mothers had been referred by a program that serves families with children on the autism spectrum.

We did not edit this group, choosing instead to show you a complete example of COSP in Action. This course is meant to represent the typical kinds of challenges that most parent groups entail. The Facilitators shown did not have any special training beyond the COSP Facilitator training. This is a real look at the strength and struggles that can happen, seeing the pacing and questions that can arise from the caregivers as they embark on their reflective journey to be more secure parents.

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