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Circle Stories

Circle Stories include updates from Circle of Security International and other stories from around the world that focus on the Circle of Security. Click on the story below to learn more or click on the green arrows to be taken to another Circle Story. If you have a Circle Story to share, contact Angie [at] circleofsecurityinternational [dot] com.

Click for closed captions (English and Spanish available).

In the US, many working families can only find affordable childcare through the massive network of Family Childcare providers. Family Childcare providers are in turn supported by a network of professionals who provide education and support to ensure that preschool aged children get quality care. In this video, Marina Rodriguez from an organization called All Our Kin talks about using the Circle of Security as a framework for her team's work supporting Family Childcare providers in the northeastern part of the US.

Click here to learn more about Marina and the work All Our Kin does--and to learn about other applications of COS in various communities of care.

Around the world, COSP Facilitators are doing remarkable things for families. In this brief video, COSI's Charlie Slaughter, who serves as our Project Director for COSP in the Community, talks with Cordell Pemberton about his work with the prison population. Cordell is a Family Support Provider at the Nurturing Families Network/Fair Haven Community Health Care in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

COSI's Project and Professional Development Director and trainer, Deidre Quinlan, recently met with a couple of our COSP colleagues to record their reflections about Circle of Security in the time of COVID-19. Several COSP Facilitators are also featured in this video.

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