Circle of Security International presents trainings around the globe focusing on the early intervention models to increase attachment and security developed by Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, and Bert Powell.

Circle of Security® Parenting™: This 4-day course trains professionals to use an eight-chapter DVD or streaming video to educate parents and caregivers.

Circle of Security® Core Sensitivities Training: Differential Diagnosis, Object Relations, and the Self: This 3-day seminar focuses on the correlation between core sensitivities and insecurity as described within attachment research; the intergenerational nature of each core sensitivity and how sub-sets of insecurity can be transmitted between parent and child; issues of vigilance within each core sensitivity regarding: autonomy, vulnerability, and/or intrusion Implications for treatment of parent/child dyads, teens, and adults; and the implications for all interpersonal relationships.

Circle of Security® Intensive Training: This 10-day training  is designed for clinicians who are interested in assessment and treatment planning based upon the Circle of Security® approach.