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Diluting the Power of Connection
"If I see that there’s a notification, I’ll feel great! Like I matter."

Diluting the Power of Connection

Recently, I had a very candid conversation with a 17-year-old male about what it’s like to feel lonely and what makes him lonely. He said he doesn’t feel lonely very…

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Parenting is So Inconvenient
A mother in the kitchen plays with her chilrdren

Parenting is So Inconvenient

One of the parts of parenting that I didn’t anticipate was just how inconvenient it can be. In theory, I knew getting ready in the morning would take longer, scheduling…

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The Forever Empty

There is an American comedian who has a skit about “the forever empty”. He talks about how we are all using our cell phones and risking car accidents from texting…

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Time Out!

A “Time Out” typically happens when a child is having a big feeling (anger, sadness, frustration) with big behaviors (hitting, screaming, throwing). The parent usually says something like, “go to…

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“We Were Wrong, Man”

Somewhere in the world, a Circle of Security Parenting class met recently. There were seven people. Most people had never met before and the class was pretty quiet in the…

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I Can’t Be As Overwhelmed As He Is

“I made the biggest parenting mistake of my life this week, I think.” I am a single parent to a 5th grader. My son’s father and I have anxious personalities…

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When It Is Close To Home

A 20-minute scenic drive takes you from Circle of Security International’s office to Freeman High School. Two weeks ago, a 15-year-old boy named Sam was shot and killed by another…

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The Subtlety of Shark Music

Our oldest son moved in with us when he was eight years old. He had been in the foster care system for several years and in an neglectful birth home…

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