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The Circle of Security During a Pandemic

Part of the reason parents the world over have found the Circle of Security to be a valuable resource is the simple clarity it provides for tracking children’s needs and for offering guidance as to our role as parents, caregivers and teachers. During this pandemic, we have all been challenged by the significant disruptions in our sense of stability and safety in the world. We feel overwhelmed and confused, potentially helpless and fearful. In this state, it can be harder to be confident of how to support our children and to find ways to be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind.

With this in mind, we’ve made available a new resource for thinking about the Circle of Security during the current pandemic. Attachment research fully supports how valuable caregivers are in times of crisis or prolonged stress—even when those caregivers are unsure of their own usefulness and value. The Circle of Security: During a Pandemic graphic was designed to offer parents and professionals direction and clarity about how essential caregivers are to children during this pandemic. The goal is to give caregivers a sense of clear direction and sound encouragement in offering themselves as a valuable resource.

Children need to know their parent is a resource – a Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind figure who can offer availability and a sense of clear direction and guidance. Children need help to understand the chaos happening in the world and what this means for them (Top of the Circle) and comfort and soothing in response to a sense of fear and helplessness (Bottom of the Circle). Rather than problem solving, what is needed is the caregiver’s willingness to simply be available.

We would love to hear and share your stories of navigating relationships during this time using the Circle of Security – both strength and struggle moments. If you have something to share, please email brooke[at]