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Greetings from Mongolia!

The ideas of COSP are very different from traditional ways of parenting in my culture. I felt both excited and frightened about how to introduce these concepts to Mongolians.

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COSP: The Missing Pieces

Learning Circle of Security Parenting gave me the tools to fill in the missing pieces. As an early childhood teacher, it closed the gap between my knowledge of attachment and putting it into practice.

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Following the Path to Security

I am a COSP Facilitator, and I am compelled to reach out to Circle of Security International and thank you. I am amazed at the power, its creation, its influence…

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It’s Never Too Late

In the winter of 2010, when my oldest son was 12 years old I drove 400km (248 miles) round trip once a week for eight weeks to take the Circle…

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Hidden in Plain Sight

I will never forget the moment three years ago in the Walmart greeting card aisle, when I clearly experienced the reassuring predictability of the Circle in what felt like the…

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Shark Music in the Doctor’s Office

My 1-year-old daughter has a medical condition that has been tricky to diagnose, so she has needed a series of medical procedures in her first year of life.  Some of these…

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Who Gets Me and Who’s Got Me?

It’s hard to leave a distressed child with another care provider, and no doubt every child’s first pick is their parent. A parent who worries for their child when they…

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