It’s in the Repair!

T oday I was playing with my nephew. He’s 2 ½ years old. He had the doctor’s kit and pulled out the blood pressure monitor, holding the inflation valve against…

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All Fall Down

I t’s not always easy to know what our children need. I’ve recently had lots of moments of missing the mark with my infant daughter as she learns to move…

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Texting For Connection

I got a text from my adult daughter the other day. It contained a cartoon about making the bed. There were four frames. The first was a cat lying on…

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Hidden in Plain Sight

T he other day my children were talking about who they might meet when they get to heaven. They wondered if they met up with their grandfather if he would…

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On the Outside Looking In

I always get a little lost when shopping for wine. It’s so difficult not to be pulled to the eye-catching label on the bottle, rather than paying attention to what’s…

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My Parenting Journey: A Psychologist Reflects

We're thankful to Tanya Bowe, a Registered Psychologist from Canberra, Australia for sharing her reflections. This post originally appeared on the Her Canberra website:

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Infinite Hands

A COSP facilitator shared a story about a conversation that he had with a friend the other day, where his friend referenced the depth of her relationship with God. God,…

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Rosie Martin and the Just Time Program

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I’m totally enamoured of working with the Circle of Security Parenting program. It scales mountains. Not of the earth, but most surely of the earthy stuff of…

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