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Someone to Be With: Our Circle of Security Children’s Book

For some children, early care may be the first experience of being cared for by someone outside of their immediate family. There are many books written for young children to help ease the distress of the separation from their caregiver. Our new book, Someone to Be With, shifts the focus from missing the parent to the importance of the relationship with the early care provider.  

Just like adults, young children struggle with transitions. Over the years, we’ve observed that in moments of transition from the parent to the classroom, children don’t know quite where they fit. Some head off to find a toy; some find a way to join a group of friends; some just look down and seem lost and waiting; some cry, and others will turn to the teacher. The children who turn to their teacher seem to get the best start to the day.

Often at separation children are reassured that their caregiver is thinking of them, loves them, and will return. However, children can’t suspend their need for competent care. Our book addresses the vital concern that’s on the mind of all children when they are away from their caregiver, “When you leave, who will be with me?” Offering consistent structure for the child, the educator, and the parent at the beginning and end of each day helps children feel connected and safe through these transitions. This book offers a daily ritual for educators, parents, and children to build security during transitions. Because, as we are learning, we all need Someone to Be With.

“I read the (Someone to Be With) book to one of my toddlers who was feeling sad her mommy left. It helped calm her down when I was telling her that mommy is at work, but I can Be With you until she comes back. She now loves this book and asks for it all the time.”- Zoe S.

You can purchase Someone to Be With through our website. We hope you enjoy the book – it’s also a coloring book for children, and there’s a friend, too, Beebo, who you will find somewhere on each page!