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New research

We are excited to share two new research articles published last month about the Circle of Security.

One of these studies explored the value of Circle of Security Parenting for supporting foster carers. The researchers found that foster carers who completed the 8 chapter COSP program reported reductions in emotional and behavioral problems for the children in their care. Foster carers also reported fewer dysfunctional interactions with their foster children and a decrease in their levels of stress as a carer. Check out the article here:

Another study examined the outcomes from the Circle of Security – Intensive program. This program differs from the 8 week COSP program in that it is longer (16-20 weeks) and caregivers participate in individualized assessment and treatment, observing video interactions of themselves and their own child. After completing the program, caregivers reported a greater sense of satisfaction and capability in their parenting. They were able to respond with greater support to their child’s distress and were less harsh and hostile when their children were distressed. A unique contribution of this paper is that outcomes were similar whether parents completed the program as part of a group of parents or individually – this is exciting as it extends the application of the COS Intensive program making it more adaptable and potentially available to a wider range of families and contexts. Finally, this study also found that these changes were maintained 1 year after completing the program, which suggests that the COS Intensive program results in changes in caregiving that are sustained over time. Check out the paper here:

You can learn more about the differences between the Circle of Security Parenting program and the Circle of Security Intensive program here –

To find more research articles on Circle of Security, visit our bibliography on the Research page of the COS International website –