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COSP Classroom Facilitator Course (Tier 1)

Tier 1 of the COS Classroom Approach Model


he COS Classroom Approach is a two-tier model, and this online course for Registered COSP Facilitators offers training to facilitate Tier 1: COSP Classroom Professional Learning Series with childcare providers and/or preschool teachers. Facilitators interested in helping early care professionals to apply COSP principles into group care settings will gain insight both in ways to help teachers use COSP to manage relationship struggles while holding multiple Circles in the classroom, and to organize their understanding about the complexity of relationships in working directly with children while partnering with parents. Registered Facilitators who complete this facilitator training will receive access to additional facilitation materials including a revised COSP classroom facilitator manual and handouts and will receive additional endorsement as a Registered COSP-Classroom Facilitator.

You will have 60 days to complete the course from the time you first log in. The course has been approved for 16 Continuing Education credits, and you should anticipate that it will take approximately 16 hours of work to complete the content.

We strongly recommend that you get some practice with the COSP materials before you take this course. For example, facilitate COSP with caregivers, attend COSP as a caregiver, watch the Parenting in Action video series, and/or help other facilitators deliver the 8-chapter program to early care professionals. Your learning of the COSP Classroom Facilitator course will be enriched by your previous work facilitating COSP since, to deepen the learning, this course invites reflections on your past work and, in particular, your past work with educators.

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Dates:Start: Any time
End: 60 days after start date

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