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Translations of the Circle of Security Parenting™ Program



ircle of Security International, Inc. (COSI) has funded numerous translations of the Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP™) Program since 2010. After updating the COSP program in 2018, many of the original translations have also been updated, with other updates due to be completed in 2022.

Historically, we have completed various types of translations, from subtitling spoken video content into a new language to what we call a “complete translation” wherein all written and spoken program materials are translated and a native speaker is hired to narrate the program in a new language. At this time, we are ONLY considering “complete translations.” If you have inquiries about either updating a previous translation or completing a partial (e.g., subtitles) translation, please do not use the application below. Instead, email us at angie [at] circleofsecurityinternational [dot] com.

We expect a minimum of two native language speakers who are professionals in a human services field and already trained as Registered COSP Facilitators to work together on the initial application. It will take us 2 weeks to respond to each initial application via email. We must consider each application on a case-by-case basis and are likely to first respond with questions via email or a request for a videoconference. If we are able to move forward with a translation in the language you propose, the next step would be to draft and sign a Translation Contract with each applicant group, a process that can take many weeks to execute. Each new translation can take from 1.5 to 2 years to completely produce.

Because complete translations are complex and costly, when prospective applicants are expecting COSI to cover these costs, we will consider each new translation by creating a short Business Plan that includes a plan for recouping those costs over time. In effect, we expect professionals interested in a translation to a given language to create a partnership with our company with the goal of increasing access to the COSP program in a new language while also providing enough return on our investment to break even over a three-year timeframe. In instances when the prospective translation may be funded by external dollars, a modified Translation Contract is still required. Regardless of the funding details, COSI will retain all intellectual property rights to translated versions of the COSP materials. COSI will also hire the production team who will work with each team of applicants to complete the translation.

Partial Translation:
Handouts & Caregiver Workbook

Are you a Registered COSP™ Facilitator requesting a set of COSP Parent Handouts including the Caregiver Workbook in a new language? Click the button below to submit your request.

Complete Translation:
All COSP™ Materials

Are you a Registered COSP™ Facilitator requesting a complete translation of all COSP™ materials? Click the button below to submit your request.