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Training Types

About COSP™, Core Sensitivities, & Intensive Trainings

COSP™ Facilitator Training

This course is open to professionals and paraprofessionals alike. Each provider will learn to use an eight-chapter video-based manualized program that presents examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in caregiving, and animated graphics designed to clarify principles central to COS. Circle of Security Parenting implements decades of attachment research in an accessible step-by-step process for use in group settings, home visitation, or individual counseling. This training has been approved by the National Association of Social Workers for 24 hours of CEU's.

Note: Other providers may be able to use these continuing education credits for their disciplines, though it is wise to check with your state's licensure office regarding whether NASW-approved CEU's are transferable.

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Circle of Security® Core Sensitivities

3-Day Training
Available in Limited Markets Only

This seminar focuses on how our lived experience influences our psychological defenses in relationships (known as our “core sensitivity”). Derived from both attachment research and the seminal work of James Masterson and Ralph Klein, this training explores the three common, non-pathological patterns of defense humans use to protect themselves from pain in relationships. Participants are encouraged to focus on their own inner worlds. Through reflecting on in-depth interviews and sources ranging from video clips to poems to the text of leading thinkers, participants explore the three core sensitivities and how and why these defenses come to be. Because identifying the core sensitivity not only of ourselves but also of COSP participants and/or other clients or supervisees opens up pathways to connection, this training is required for certification as a Circle of Security Parenting Fidelity Coach.

Check back for the 2020 release of our Online Training focused on the Core Sensitivities

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Special Presentation:
COSP with Childcare Providers/Pre-School Teachers

1-Day Training

Research is finding that both teacher responsiveness and a positive classroom environment are key to greater school readiness for children. So it makes sense that bringing COSP to early care is a good fit. This training prepares facilitators who are interested in helping early care providers/teachers apply COSP principles into group care settings. Gain insight both in ways to help teachers use COSP to manage relationship struggles while holding multiple Circles in the classroom, and to organize their understanding about the complexity of relationships in working directly with children while partnering with parents. Leave this training with some practical classroom applications and strategies.

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Circle of Security® Intensive Training

10-Day Training
Available in Limited Markets Only

This training is designed for licensed clinicians who are interested in the Circle of Security-Intensive model. Learning will be focused on a systematic approach for evaluating parental states of mind, identifying precise strengths and linchpin difficulties in parent/child interactions, and creating specific treatment plans tailored to the unique themes of each parent/child dyad. This training offers tools for competency in evaluation and treatment planning for the COS-Intensive model. The training alone, however, does not meet requirements for becoming a Certified COS-Intensive provider.

Note: Attendance at this training does not enable practitioners to use the COS Parenting DVD. Use of the COSP protocol requires attending the 4-day Circle of Security Parenting training.

Circle of Security Intensive Exam Registration

To register for the Circle of Security Assessment & Treatment Planning Exam, you must have attended and completed the 10-Day Intensive Training course. All applicants will be cross-referenced with our attendance records.

The Circle of Security exam fee is $350.00 USD. We require a signed Confidentiality Oath which is available for download below.

Please expect the written exam and 2-DVD set to arrive via mail within 2-3 weeks.

Your completed exam and the COS exam is to be emailed, and the DVDs are to be returned, within 6 months after you receive them. We will notify you by email that your completed exam package was received, within 30 days of its receipt. Within six months of receiving your exam, we will will complete scoring and notify you by email of your results. If you decide not to complete the exam, you must still return the DVDs within the specified time period. You may not duplicate DVDs.

Please download and fill out the confidentiality form and email angie(at)circleofsecurityinternational(dot)com for details on how to register.