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About Circle of Security Trainings


his is an exciting time for the team at Circle of Security International. In 2019, we started a planful process that was meant to shift our training options around the world...and then the Covid-19 pandemic hit. During the pandemic, we retooled our most popular training, the Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP) training, so that it would be available online. We consider this experiential training to be the "secure base" for each provider's COS journey. As we move into the post-pandemic era, we will continue to offer the COSP training in the online format (in English) and in-person (in English and other languages) in areas of the world where it is considered safe by local authorities to have gatherings of 60 or more people. You can find details for upcoming COSP trainings here.

Providers who wish to explore the Circle of Security further are encouraged to first use the COSP program by either facilitating or co-facilitating a COSP group or by working individually with a caregiver or a couple using the program. At the same time, one pandemic lesson our team at Circle of Security-International has learned is that self-directed online learning can be engaging while also spurring reflection. We now have three self directed courses with more in the works.

COSP Training

In-Person Live Trainings

In-person trainings are conducted by our certified COSP trainers at venues around the world. Each provider will learn to use an eight-chapter video-based manualized program that presents examples of secure and problematic parent/child interaction, healthy options in caregiving, and animated graphics designed to clarify principles central to COS.

Online Live Trainings

Our online certification training offers self-directed video-based learning along with live group reflection with a COSP Trainer. Join one of the COSP co-originators, Bert Powell, as he guides you through all eight chapters of the COSP program covered in detail over nearly seventeen hours.

Self-Directed Online Learning

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COSP Classroom Master Course

This online training is required for any RCOSPF interested in facilitating COSP with early care professionals including childcare providers and/or preschool teachers. Facilitators interested in helping early care professionals to apply COSP principles into group care settings will gain insight both in ways to help teachers use COSP to manage relationship struggles while holding multiple Circles in the classroom, and to organize their understanding about the complexity of relationships in working directly with children while partnering with parents. Registered Facilitators who complete this master training (expected to take ~18 hours) will receive access to additional facilitation materials including a revised COSP classroom facilitator manual and handouts and will receive additional endorsement as a Registered COSP-Classroom Facilitator.

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Theory to Practice: Renew, Refresh, Review

Designed for Registered COSP Facilitators who have already completed the COSP Facilitator Training, this online course offers sixteen plus hours of a self-directed journey of discovery. Join one of the co-originators, Bert Powell, as he guides you through a course that includes all eight chapters of the newest version of the COSP program (our 2018 update). This course digs into the theory behind the COSP while also giving you access to the updated Manual and all 8 chapters of the COSP video program. You'll use a downloadable Reflection Journal designed for this course that serves as both a detailed content guide and a document that you can refer to in the years to come. Whether you are looking for a refresher or you were trained on the original version of COSP and therefore want to experience the updated materials, registering for this course gives you 60 days of access to these materials on an easy-to-use web-based platform supported by our tech team. This training focuses on facilitating COSP with fidelity. This course is approved for eighteen (18) Continuing Education credits, which are available for an additional fee.

Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, Kind Facilitator

This course is the first of a three-part learning series (Parts Two and Three coming in 2022) that introduces facilitators to the practice of process fidelity. The introductory training for COSP Facilitators introduced Circle of Security Parenting™ and provided instructions on how to facilitate this manualized program. Using the video and the COSP facilitator manual together ensures content fidelity. But as a COSP facilitator, it's necessary to adhere to fidelity in both content and process. In this learning series, we'll focus on process fidelity by following the Path to Secure Hands. The three courses will include:

Part One – The Bigger, Stronger, Wiser Kind Facilitator

Part Two – Shark Music and The Core Sensitivities

Part Three – The Reflective Facilitator

This course focuses on the question: what does it mean to be a BSWK Facilitator? Video examples featuring facilitators from around the world are paired with reflective exercises and a course journal; even experienced COSP Facilitators will be challenged to reflect more deeply on how to be BSWK Hands in the work you do. This course is pending approval for six hours of Continuing Education credits and learners will have thirty day access to the course content and the downloadable materials which are designed to give you a lasting record of your learning.

Denver, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sherwood Park, Canada

Landstuhl, Germany

Caerlon, Wales

Point Edward, Canada

Bundoran, Ireland

Albuquerque, USA

Townsville, Australia

Osaka, Japan

Turin, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

St. Cloud, USA

Perth, Australia

Edmonton, Canada

Pittsburgh, USA

Forster, Australia

Duluth, USA

Bologna, Italy

Brisbane, Australia

Fidelity Coaching

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Whether you are working with parents or classroom providers, the next step in professional development for Registered Circle of Security Facilitators(R) is to pursue Fidelity Coaching with a Certified COSP Fidelity Coach. Fidelity Coaching is a form of reflective supervision specific to the COSP model using the Fidelity Journal. More information about Fidelity Coaching can be found on our Intro to Fidelity Coaching page.

Those Registered Circle of Security Facilitators who are masters level licensed clinicians have a number of options to continue their Circle of Security journey. Those clinicians working with high-risk families, such as those referred because of child welfare concerns, often benefit from further training. Some may wish to apply to become Certified Fidelity Coaches themselves. Click here for more information about Fidelity Coaching. Others may be interested in learning about how individualized video review--the hallmark of the COS-Intensive program works. Click here to learn more about how COSP™ and COS-Intensive compare.

Circle of Security-Intensive Protocol

Those clinicians wanting more information about the individualized, intensive COS model are encouraged to read the book entitled: The Circle of Security Intervention. This book provides a detailed review of the COS-Intensive model covering the theoretical and research underpinnings of the model, the comprehensive assessment approach, the intervention protocol and case studies. Click here for more information on Circle of Security books.

Historically, training for the COS-Intensive protocol was conducted over a 10-day period in person. This training, in its original format, is still available in selected countries and languages (Australia/English, Norway/Norwegian); however, our goal is to deconstruct the 10-day training, making it more available to clinicians around the world. We are now piloting a 5-day in-person training focused on comprehensive assessment of attachment relationships and treatment planning. This training is designed to be followed by online case review and, eventually, supervision for those licensed clinicians interested in becoming a Certified COS-Intensive Therapist.

In the coming years, we expect to have more online learning opportunities covering facets of the COS-Intensive protocol. For questions about our training offerings, please contact us: info[at]circleofsecurityinternational[dot]com.