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his is an exciting time for the team at Circle of Security International. In 2019, we started a planful process that will shift our training options around the world. Our most popular training, the Circle of Security Parenting 4-day training is, and will remain, available in many countries. We consider this 4-day in-person experiential training to be the "secure base" for each provider's COS journey. More information on the COSP™ training can be found below.

Sherwood Park, Canada

Landstuhl, Germany

Caerlon, Wales

Point Edward, Canada

Bundoran, Ireland

Albuquerque, USA

Townsville, Australia

Osaka, Japan

Turin, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

St. Cloud, USA

Perth, Australia

Edmonton, Canada

Pittsburgh, USA

Forster, Australia

Duluth, USA

Bologna, Italy

Brisbane, Australia

Providers who wish to explore the Circle of Security further are encouraged to first use the COSP program by either facilitating or co-facilitating a COSP group or by working individually with a caregiver or a couple using the program. The next step in professional development for graduates of the COSP 4-day training (we call these graduates Registered Circle of Security Facilitators®) is to pursue Fidelity Coaching with a Certified COSP Fidelity Coach. Fidelity Coaching is a form of reflective supervision specific to the COSP model.

Those Registered Circle of Security Facilitators who are masters level licensed clinicians have a number of options to continue their Circle of Security journey. Those clinicians working with high-risk families, such as those referred because of child welfare concerns, often benefit from further training. Some may wish apply to become Certified Fidelity Coaches themselves. Others may be interested in learning about how individualized video review—the hallmark of the COS-Intensive program works.

Historically, training for the COS-Intensive model was conducted over a 10-day period in person. This training, in its original format, is still available in selected countries and languages (Australia/English, Norway/Norwegian); however, our goal is to deconstruct the 10-day training by offering online modules so that masters level licensed psychotherapists can expand their understanding of the Circle of Security without having to travel for a 10-day in person training. We expect the first modules, which will focus on understanding the psychological defenses that clients have around relationships (known as the Core Sensitivities) to be available in 2020.

In the coming years, we expect to continue to offer both online and in-person trainings focused on comprehensive assessment of attachment relationships, treatment planning and intervention.

Those clinicians wanting more information about the individualized, intensive COS model are encouraged to read the book entitled: The Circle of Security Intervention. This book provides a detailed review of the COS-Intensive model covering the theoretical and research underpinnings of the model, the comprehensive assessment approach, the intervention protocol and case studies.

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