Circle of Security Staff

Meet Our Team


Gretchen Cook
Director of Operations
Gretchen joined COSI in January 2011 as our Program Manager. She graduated from the University of Washington with Bachelor degrees in both Design Studies and Women Studies. She completed her MBA from Whitworth University to help COSI grow. She helps keep the big picture goals in motion to allow COSI to grow in a manageable way. Things have changed dramatically at COSI since 2011, keeping her on her toes and the office growing.


When she is not working Gretchen enjoys quiet weekends at home with her husband and daughters. She has a zeal for the crafty/handmade side of life, and gets to exercise her creative brain through modern quilting and longarming, or making something fabulous in the kitchen.


Deidre Quinlan
Project and Professional Development Director
After several years of clinical supervision with the COS originators, Deidre started working on special projects with COSI in 2012. Today she continues her focus on the development of Circle of Security projects, both prioritizing new ideas as well as assessing the goodness of fit of new projects. Deidre also works to identify and prioritize professional development needs; she was the lead developer of COSP™ Fidelity Coaching; she continues to coordinate and oversee the development of Fidelity Coaches. As her work with COSI takes her to far off places, Deidre’s hope is to ride horses with our COSI friends all around the world.



Neil Boris
Research Liaison and Medical Director
Neil was an early adopter of the COS model, connecting with Glen, Kent and Bert in the late 1990’s. He began working with the intensive therapy model in 2003 and, once COS-Parenting came on the scene, with that program as well. He started training in 2014, joined COSI part time in 2017 and took his current position at the start of 2018. He is the first point of contact for those interested in conducting research on any of the COS models and helped develop the Fidelity Coaching pathway-- now serving to coordinate and oversee the professional development of Fidelity Coaches.

He practices the Circle at home under the guidance of his wife, Adena; the joy he gets from being a father of 3 amazing kids can’t be put into words. When he can, he enjoys riding his bike, cooking, reading and pondering spiritual dimensions.



Bill Bloom
Training Manager
Bill joined Circle of Security International in February of 2014. He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with degrees in English Literature and Fine Arts. Bill has worked in a wide variety of small business settings, usually involved in creating systems and keeping clients happy. For COSI, Bill helps coordinate all of the trainings and is the main point of contact for sponsors.


When not at his desk, Bill can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, outside running and cycling, or down in his basement working on his letterpress.


Kristine Songhurst
Training Coordinator

Kristine Songhurst joined COSI in September 2018. She grew up in Alaska and earned a B.A. in History with a Minor in Dance from UAA. She has worked in multiple areas from health, retail, and education. Most recently, she worked alongside her husband, helping grow his business. As a mom of 2, she also volunteers on the PTO Board of her children’s school.

Both Kristine and her husband have been practicing COS Parenting at home with their daughters since 2011. Her interests include parenting, psychology and personal growth. In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying family life, cooking, reading, writing and dancing at Zumba classes.


Andy Cook
Digital Media Producer
Andy has worked for COSI, helping out in busy times, on and off since 2011. He began as the Accounts Administrator in November 2013. In 2017, Andy became our Digital Media Producer, utilizing his degrees in music production from Spokane Falls Community College and in Broadcast and Electronic Media Studies from Gonzaga University.


When not working, Andy enjoys playing music, woodworking, and spending time with his wife and daughters.


Angela Dierdorff
Office Manager
Angie joined COSI in October 2015 as our Office Administrator. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a Theater minor from Eastern Oregon University. Angie has worked for various non-profit organizations in communication and event coordination, and spent the last five years working as a bookkeeper. Among other responsibilities for COSI, including editing the website, Angie works to make sure your many inquiries are responded to in an accurate and timely manner.


In her spare time, volunteers for her son's high school, writes for local publications, performs in area theater productions, and looks after the chickens, cats, rabbit, dog and boys with whom she shares a home.


Becca Powell
Accounts Administrator
Becca Powell spent the last 5 years serving as director of multiple programs in the non-profit sector.  Seeking a new adventure and change of pace, Becca joined the Circle of Security International team in early 2017 as the Accounts Administrator and Registrar.  When not answering emails for Circle of Security, she is practicing the protocol at home with her 4 amazing teenagers.  In her downtime, you can find her enjoying activities with her family, practicing yoga, and reading. 



Synthia Barry
Office Administrator
Synthia joined Circle of Security International in April of 2018. After moving to the US from her home country, Burkina Faso, she began to study English, then pursued her education and graduated from Eastern Washington University, attaining a degree in Business Operations Management. She has worked for a couple of non-profit organizations in Case Management and Community Management in the last 5 years.


When Synthia is not working she enjoys quiet weekends at home with her husband and daughter, making West African dishes, listening to music, and reading.


David Ward
Web Developer
David joined Circle of Security International in November of 2017. He graduated from the University of Washington attaining a degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. After returning from a 7-year stint as an English teacher in Taiwan, David went on to study Computer Science at Oregon State University. He now works to maintain and improve the Circle of Security website in addition to tackling general IT challenges as they arise.