COSI Live Stream Event on February 22nd, 2023

A Live Discussion About The Circle of Security Intensive Program
and The COS-Intensive Training Pathway


At Circle of Security International, we’re interested in the science of relationships. We’re also interested in self-discovery and believe that the better we know ourselves, the better we’ll be at supporting others. In 2022, we piloted what we call a Guided Learning Experience that blends online learning with videoconference live sessions. We entitled this learning experience: The Human Condition: A Journey Through the Core Sensitivities with Kent Hoffman. This Livestream event is your chance to learn more about this learning experience. We’ll talk about what Core Sensitivities are, why professionals might value learning more about the Human Condition and how you can join an upcoming training cohort. Your questions about Core Sensitivities in general and the Human Condition learning experience, in particular, are welcome. Kristin Freeze, a clinician from Washington State in the US will share her own experience of learning more about Core Sensitivities and putting that learning into practice in her life. Kristin will be the Guide for one of our upcoming Human Condition learning experiences as well. Come join our Livestream and be sure to submit your questions in advance!


  • Date and Time:   March 22, 2023 1:30PM PST, 4:30 PM EST, Early AM in Australia
  • Duration:   45 minutes
  • Speakers:   Neil Boris and Kristin Freeze, LMHC
  • Topic:   Learning about Core Sensitivities

COSI Live Discussion (Replay)