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earning is central to our mission at Circle of Security International. In fact, our company was founded because our organization’s co-originators learned that parents of young children were themselves hungry to learn about attachment.

For us, “learning” is a broad term. These days, we offer everything from what we call “guided learning experiences” -- which are less about the transfer of knowledge than reflection on our very humanity-- to specific trainings organized to lead to certification and to provide professional continuing education credits. We also know that adult learners want access to everything from self-guided online courses that can be fit into busy lives to small group intense supervision or coaching designed to improve practice. We’re excited to offer all these learning options and more.


COSP Facilitator Training

The Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP) training is the entry point for most of our learners. Designed for providers from many different backgrounds, the COSP training combines experiential learning with practical knowledge about how to conduct the attachment-based, manualized COSP program. As we move into the post-pandemic era, we will continue to offer the COSP training in online formats (in English) and in-person (in English and other languages) in areas of the world where it is considered safe by local authorities to have gatherings of 60 or more people.

You can find details for upcoming COSP trainings here.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Dublin, Ireland

Denver, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sherwood Park, Canada

Landstuhl, Germany

Caerlon, Wales

Point Edward, Canada

Bundoran, Ireland

Albuquerque, USA

Townsville, Australia

Osaka, Japan

Turin, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

St. Cloud, USA

Perth, Australia

Edmonton, Canada

Pittsburgh, USA

Forster, Australia

Duluth, USA

Bologna, Italy

Brisbane, Australia

We divide our other learning opportunities into different categories:


Self-Directed Learning

Second, we have self-directed learning, which is delivered online but designed to be both engaging and to spur reflection. Thus far, these courses are all related to the COSP program.

  • The COSP Classroom Master Course is designed for individuals who have completed COSP training but want to work specifically with early learning providers and help them apply COSP in the classroom, childcare and related settings. Check out our Classroom Approach here.

  • The Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind Facilitator, the first of a series of upcoming courses, is designed for any COSP Facilitator interested in building their facilitation skills.

  • Finally, the Theory to Practice course is a review of the updated COSP program and helpful for Registered COSP Facilitators who want to review the theory and practice of COSP, particularly those who were trained before our 2018 program update.

You can find out more about these courses here.

We are aware that some providers who have taken our self-guided courses are interested in reflecting with course leaders. We know this kind of guided learning leads to deeper reflection and plan in 2022 to offer expert sessions for those providers interested in such a deeper dive.


Guided Learning Experience

Third, we are now offering our first guided learning experience. Rather than a traditional in-person or online course designed around transferring knowledge from trainer to trainee, a guided learning experience is primarily experiential in nature. Our first guided learning experience, The Human Condition: A Journey Through the Core Sensitivities with Kent Hoffman is designed to allow learners to reflect deeply on how lived experience influences the development of psychological defenses in relationships (known as a “core sensitivity”). There are no prerequisites for this experience; it’s delivered online and combines self-guided review of video of Kent’s teachings, a learning journal and a series of videoconferences with a trained guide to reflect on the learning.

You can learn more about the Core Sensitivities here and can register for this learning opportunity here.


Fidelity Coaching

Fourth, we offer Registered COSP Facilitators the chance to reflect more deeply with a trained Fidelity Coach. Fidelity Coaching is all about working with a trained expert Facilitator as you work with parents or other caregivers delivering the COSP model. This kind of week-to-week support–delivered via videoconference–is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of the COSP program.

You can find out more about Fidelity Coaching here.



We offer Registered COSP Facilitators the chance to learn to implement the COS-Intensive program. The new pathway to training to become a COS-Intensive provider is captured in this Figure. The pathway starts COSP training and then an in-person COS-Intensive Assessment Course followed by an online self-guided Case Review course. You can learn more about this training pathway here.

Come learn with our team of trainers from around the world!