Individual or Agency Contract

Individual Contract

An “Individual Contract” is the most typical and establishes an agreement between the attendee and Circle of Security International regarding their responsibilities as a Registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, as well as being responsible for the DVD and Manuals. These contracts will be made available on the last day of the training.


Agency Contract

With an “Agency Contract,” both the individual and the agency will be required to sign the contract. In this case the individual still has the rights and responsibilities of being a Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator but the agency takes responsibility for the DVD and Manual. 

If the individual leaves the agency, the agency maintains control of the materials, the agency will then have the option to send another employee to a training at a reduced fee. At no time can the held materials be used by any persons who have not been trained to use the materials by a Cooper, Hoffman and Powell LLC Originator or Circle of Security Parenting Contracted trainer (designated by CHP). 

The individual leaving the agency will then have the option to purchase an individual copy of the facilitator materials and will then sign an “Individual Contract.” 

As agency contracts need to be signed by a manager at the agency and then brought to the training by the attendee, prior arrangements need to be made. 

If these arrangements are not made prior to the training, we ask that the attendee sign an individual contract at the training. We would be happy to switch it over to an agency contract at a later date.

If you will be using an Agency Contract, please contact Bill Bloom to set this up: