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Circle of Security in the Community

Investing in Early Relational Health


COSP and the Prison Community

Prisons are communities unto themselves. In many countries, it is accurate to say that prisons are forgotten communities: places where men and women are housed with only limited contact with "the outside world." Having a parent in prison is often a major rupture for children--a disruption in an attachment relationship that goes without repair. The professionals who serve prison populations-- whether as part of teams that work within prison walls or teams that work to help reintegrate prisoners back into society--must find ways to help men and women create safe and stable relationships with others, including with their children.

Here are three stories of providers and programs using COSP as a tool with prison populations in Australia and the United States. Rosalie Martin is an attachment innovator who has been bringing COSP to men and women in Tasmania, Australia prisons over many years. Alden Woodcock has helped build a prison re-entry program in the small city of New Haven, Connecticut that supports providers in using COSP to help ex-prisoners turn their lives around. Finally, Wendy Norman and Tesha Clark work in Florida, USA at a program dedicated to supporting parents of young children to connect more deeply, including those in a re-entry program at their county jail. As you read about what these dedicated teams are doing, you will discover COSP Facilitators who embody the idea that it is never too late to repair ruptured relationships.

Rosie Martin and the Just Time Program

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Portrait of Rosalie and Richard Martin

Rosalie & Richard Martin, COSP Facilitators, Founders of Connect42, innovators of Connect42’s Just Time delivery of the COSP in prisons.

I'm totally enamoured of working with the Circle of Security Parenting program. It scales mountains. Not of the earth, but most surely of the earthy stuff of which people are formed. It reveals the possible heights.

I started using COSP in the prison in my city, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, in 2014 in a program we called Just Time. I had already been volunteering at the prison, teaching men to read. This was wonderful work, and it led to the development of trusting relationships with key workers there. In informal conversation and connection within these relationships, I suggested trialling the COSP in the women's prison. Donating my time, the Family Reintegration Officer and I did this – with eight participant women...

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Alden Woodcock and EMERGE, Connecticut, Inc.

New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Portrait of Alden Woodcock

Alden Woodcock, Executive Director, EMERGE, CT

Since 2013, EMERGE Connecticut, Inc. has been using Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) as a pivotal component to our Transitional Employment Program for men and women transitioning out of prison in the small city of New Haven in the northeastern region of the United States. EMERGE is a nonprofit social enterprise that seeks to end the pattern of recidivism. At EMERGE we take a holistic, supportive, and structured approach to reentry and view the COSP program as a gateway to ongoing mental health services. Ultimately, COSP is part of an approach designed to aid in healing and long-term positive outcomes for fathers and mothers who are returning to their families post-incarceration...

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Wendy, Tesha and the Forty Carrots Re-entry Program

Sarasota, Florida, United States

Tesha Clark and Wendy Norman standing in front of the Forty Carrots headquarters

Tesha Clark and Wendy Norman at the Forty Carrots headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, USA

The Forty Carrots Family Center began offering Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) groups to mothers and fathers in the Sarasota County Jail in Sarasota, Florida in the southeast region of the United States in 2020. After a colleague mentioned that the jail did not have a service addressing parenting, Michelle Kapreilian, CEO, and Laura Josephson, Parenting Education Director of Forty Carrots, met with the leadership of the Sarasota County Jail to offer COSP virtually to parents in the Re-Entry Pod at the jail. The Re-Entry pod serves parents working to reenter society. This is a story of the lessons learned by two COSP Facilitators innovating during a pandemic to reach parents and grandparents in need...

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