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Facilitating COSP™ Classroom

Developing Secure Attachment


hildren's attachment systems are always "on." This means that any carer, including a childcare provider, who has a sustained, committed relationship with a child can become an attachment figure. However, many childcare providers lack guidance on how to promote secure attachment with the children in their care. Furthermore, many children struggle to manage the social and emotional demands of care outside the home. Circle of Security Parenting can be a very useful tool for promoting secure attachment in childcare or early learning settings. While many childcare providers have learned something about attachment, few get training that is as comprehensive as the COSP™ program. As this video shows, exposure to COSP™, particularly when it is combined with ongoing support by a COSP™ Classroom Coach helps childcare providers see children's attachment needs more clearly.

Check out the COS in the Classroom page to learn more about the Pathway to becoming a COSP™ Classroom Coach.

COSP™ With Childcare Providers - Members

Applying the COSP™ model with carers other than parents

There has been some confusion about the use of COSP™ with caregivers other than parents mostly because of a stipulation in our contract that every Registered Circle of Security-Parenting Facilitator signs at the end of their 4-day training-- namely that the COSP™ Program may not be used for professional training. To be clear, we encourage the use of our 8-chapter group or individual approach with other caregivers, including both foster parents and childcare providers. However, it is important that facilitators make it clear to foster parents and childcare providers completing the 8-week protocol that they are not trained in COSP™ and that they cannot train others in the model.

Watch the following video to learn more about facilitating COSP with childcare providers.

A note about the COS trademark

Another point of confusion has to do with the Circle of Security trademark. While any Registered Circle of Security-Parenting Facilitator may use the COSP™ Program as it was designed with foster parents or childcare providers, you may not use terms like Circle of Security Classroom Consultant or Circle of Security Foster Care Specialist. These professional titles and any like derivations are trademarked.

The importance of focus on self

We have learned that applying the COSP™ Program with childcare providers can be as rewarding as working with parents. It is important to tell childcare providers that this will require personal reflection on the self with a focus on their own relationship history. Childcare providers will naturally explore relationships with other children in their care as well but the deepest understanding regarding concepts such as which needs on the Circle trigger one's Shark Music is best done by considering our relationships with our own loved ones.