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Texting For Connection

a cat lying on a bed contentedly


got a text from my adult daughter the other day. It contained a cartoon about making the bed. There were four frames. The first was a cat lying on the bed. The second was the owner picking up the cat and moving it off the bed. The third frame was the cat back on the bed. The last frame showed a bedspread over the bed, with a lump under, presumably where the cat continued to lay on the bed. We love cats! I smiled and got a chuckle as I enjoyed the cartoon.

Some of what we hope for in our children as they grow up, is that they know they are never alone, that they are held in the mind of another, and that they too, hold us in their mind. In our home, we are a cat family. We love our cats. When my daughter saw a cat cartoon, she thought of her mom, and shared the cartoon with me. Even though she is a thousand miles away from home, we had a moment of shared delight, of connection, of love. With the cartoon, we were holding each other in our minds. This is the Circle of Security.

I invite you to share with me your comments, reflections, Circle stories and experiences with Circle of Security Parenting. Your submissions may be used in future blog posts, with all identifying information excluded, unless you specifically request to be identified. Contact me at brooke[at]circleofsecurityinternational[dot]com.