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Infinite Hands

A COSP facilitator shared a story about a conversation that he had with a friend the other day, where his friend referenced the depth of her relationship with God. God, to her, has the capacity to fill her cup over and over again. As they talked together, she shared more about God and the Circle of Security, filling her cup, never wavering as Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, and Kind; ever accessible to follow her need or, when necessary, to take charge. He realized that for his friend, God served as Infinite Hands.

This conversation caused him to reflect on the Hands in his life and to expand how he thinks about his Circle beyond the people in his life. He asked the question, “Where do I go for the Hands that support my exploration, and where do I feel welcomed to come back in?”

Throughout the pandemic, this facilitator recognized his own struggles with feeling overwhelmed. At other times he felt empty and alone. Yet this conversation with his friend expanded and challenged his thinking. He was curious. “Am I constantly being held by the universal energy of God’s Infinite Hands holding my Hands? Thinking about the Circle of Security, if caregivers just need to see the Hidden in Plain Sight of children on the Circle, am I visible in the same way to God’s Infinite Hands? Will I be good enough?” He considered that for him, Circle of Security embraces just that, simply being good enough. The facilitator let those thoughts settle in as he felt his mind (and body) relax.