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What Does Tommy Jr. Need?

Tommy Jr. is 3-years-old and is going to soccer practice. He is on a team with other 3 and 4 year olds who are all learning the basics of soccer in a low pressure program. It is a special day because Tommy’s grandparents are visiting and his dad and grandpa are both coming to the practice.

Tommy Jr. does well in the practice. He listens to the coach and tries his best. Some things he does pretty well and some things he doesn’t quite understand. Tommy likes to look back at his dad and wave and smile.

As the practice goes on, Tommy’s father, Thomas, starts yelling out suggestions to Tommy Jr.

“Run faster, Tommy!”

“Kick it hard just like we practice at home!”

“Don’t do it like that, try to pass it to your teammate!”

Thomas talks with his dad about Tommy’s skill level and the more advanced program they are going to put him in next year. Thomas feels proud of his son but also wonders if the coach is pushing Tommy hard enough.

Tommy looks back at his father and grandpa less and less as the practice winds down.

In the comments below, discuss the following questions:

Where is Tommy on the Circle? What needs does he have of his father and grandpa?

Is Thomas available to meet his son’s needs during practice? Why or why not?

If you were working with Thomas, what COS information would you choose to share with him?