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Livestream Recordings

A Collection of Recorded Livestream Discussions

Nuevo Entrenamiento de Facilitadores COSP En Español

Únate a Carlos y Arwen mientras hablan sobre la recién creada capacitación en línea COSP en español, que debutará en octubre del 2023.

  • Fecha:   29 agosto
  • Duración:   45 minutos
  • Oradores:   Carlos Guerrero, MD, LCSW (COSP Capacitador, Oakland, USA) y Arwen Caban (Psicologia, Práctica privada, Madrid, Spain)
  • Tema:   COSP Formación en español

The Human Condition: A Journey Through The Core Sensitivities

Kristin Freeze, a clinician from Washington State, joins Neil Boris to discuss what Core Sensitivities are, why professionals might value learning more about the Human Condition and how you can join an upcoming training cohort.

  • Date:   March 22, 2023
  • Duration:   45 minutes
  • Speakers:   Neil Boris and Kristin Freeze, LMHC
  • Topic:   Learning about Core Sensitivities

The Circle of Security Intensive Program and The COS-Intensive Training Pathway

While like COSP in that it focuses on attachment, COS-Intensive is both a more personalized and a far more intensive an intervention. In this video, Neil Boris and Joe Coyne discuss the COS-Intensive program.

COS Classroom Approach: Research and Emerging Evidence

Deidre Quinlan from Circle of Security International joins Johanne Smith-Nielsen and Trasie Topple as they discuss the Circle of Security Classroom Approach: Research Foundations and Emerging Evidence. Both share lessons from the field and their emerging research regarding the effectiveness of the COSP Classroom Professional Learning Series, Tier 1.

The COS-Intensive Program and Training Pathway

Bert Powell and Neil Boris discuss the COS-Intensive Program, which provides a comprehensive assessment of caregiver-child dyads’ attachment as the basis for an individualized approach focusing on supporting the caregiver to move toward more secure interactions with their young child.

COS Classroom Approach

Deidre Quinlan from Circle of Security International talks with Glen Cooper, one of the co-originators, about Circle of Security and their shared journey to train others to bring the approach to early care.